About Us

Your home is where our heart is

Having been in business for over 15 years, we have learned a lot about ourselves and the home improvement business. We are continually learning but we always apply the four C's of business to all of our projects - Careful, Courteous, Clean, and Communication. If we can do this, we feel we are on the right track.

Kimberly Anne Lock (KAL for short) and her husband Richard began KAL Group in 1995, after graduating from college. As a woman, mother, and homeowner, the quality of work KAL Group did in other people's homes was Kimberly's main concern. She didn't want her contractors to be rude or leave a mess. Anyone can paint, hang drywall, or patch a wall but KAL Group's focus is to make it look good and do it in a pleasant manner. Kimberly makes sure that every worker they hire would be someone she would feel comfortable with in her own home.

Over the past 15 years, KAL Group has become a quality-oriented company that strives to make every customer a new reference. We are a family business and therefore, our reputation is very important to us.

Richard is the driving force behind the production of KAL Group's work. He put himself through UW-Milwaukee working for other contractors as a painter. This is where he learned what to do, and more importantly, what not to do when running a customer service business. Upon graduating from UWM with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, he entered the sales force in a corporate sales position. After about a year, he decided that it's not easy selling a product that he didn't have full control over or take pride in what he was selling. He left the corporate world and began work on his first house in 1995. We have been going strong ever since.